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OHT testing center is affiliated with the 5G talent alliance.

The 5G talent alliance was established in Beijing in October 2018. Initiated by Oriental huitong and datang telecom, the alliance aims to integrate schools, operators and enterprises in the upper and lower industrial chain of 5G industry, realize resource sharing and promote the healthy and rapid development of the talent ecology of 5G industry. The establishment of "5G talent alliance" will play a positive role in boosting the whole industry. At present, provinces have successively established 5G industry alliance with operators as the core, and 5G talent alliance will be relatively connected with 5G industry alliance to release a large number of accurate talent demand. Build the industrial chain each link exchanges and cooperation platform, will further promote the study in collaborative innovation and development, amplification and giving full play to the advantages of education scientific research talents gathered advantages, enterprises in-depth cooperation of colleges and universities, teaching around the enterprise actual demand, teaching application research can provide enterprises with more application solutions, also can meet the huge talent gap for large-scale deployment of 5 g. Taking the "5G talent alliance" as an opportunity, members of the alliance will aim at the comprehensive application of 5G, big data and artificial intelligence, catalyze the high-end and practical development of the leading industry, focus on cultivating "100 billion level" emerging electronic information industry clusters, and strive to build a first-class electronic information industry talent highland.

We can provide reliable, high level test delivery services to clients and test takers worldwide. Learn more about our capabilities, as well as the variety of services available to our clients and candidates.

Efficiency, innovation, reliability and integrity -- these three words are our most important values and have penetrated into every aspect of our corporate culture. Driven by these principles, we have the most innovative products and services in our industry, the most efficient working relationships and the most honest communication.

As a test organizer, you have many ways to test the knowledge or ability of candidates; Where and how to take the test; Establish authentication paths and select trusted partners. The various stages of our evaluation are the most effective in helping you manage an increasingly complex and changing exam program. Depending on the specific project objectives and the needs of the examinee group, we can guide you to make the best decision during the development, management, delivery and promotion of the test project.


For protecting the medium and small investors' interests, meet the demands of small and medium-sized investors, CSRS press to the public that :  "12386" hotline is opened to the public, the purposes are  to accept the securities and futures market investors complain, consultation and advice, including investors when purchasing a product...

According to xinhuan News Agency reported on April 26th morning, Xi Jinping, came to China university of science and technology institute of advanced technology, to watch the high and new technology enterprise concentrated display of scientific and technological achievements.

On June 30, 2016, Oriental huitong in zhejiang university in hangzhou net new peak BBS "visual data", "visualization data" network with constant day software cooperation discussion.



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