5G industrial application - Internet of vehicles
5G industrial application - Internet of vehicles
5G industrial application - Internet of vehicles

Visual response time of human is more than 100ms, and the limit reaction distance of sudden accident is 3m. If human visual reaction time and reaction distance are taken as the standard, then the limit distance of 4G interaction delay greater than 200ms (similar to human reaction time, from event occurrence to return to response) 6m is obviously not as good as human reaction.

To put it simply, when people drive at a distance of 3M or more (excluding high-speed driving, generally referring to urban driving speed), they can make emergency response and guarantee personal safety in case of emergency. If 4G is used as the network service basis of the Internet of vehicles, that is to say, in dense urban areas, there is no possible space of 6M for cars to react, then this 4G Internet of vehicles will become a decoration, right? This is why 4G cannot be used as the basic service of the Internet of things.

However, 5G is different. The interaction delay less than 20ms and the ultimate vehicle distance of 0.6m have completely exceeded the human reaction time and effective response distance. It can be said that the low delay has brought possibilities for the Internet of everything.



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