5G industrial application - industrial I
5G industrial application - industrial I
5G industrial application - industrial I

Aoli, director of the institute of standards of China national telecommunication institute, said recently at the seminar on 5G and future network strategy that from the perspective of the whole industrial base, the current industrial Internet network technology is mainly divided into the network outside the factory and the network inside the factory. Although China has a strong network outside the factory, there is a huge gap with foreign countries in the network inside the factory. Therefore, one of the key tasks in the construction of industrial Internet network infrastructure is to implement the industrial Internet infrastructure upgrading project and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of internal and external networks and IPV6 deployment.

5G technology in the factory

Now with the advent of 5G era, 5G has become an important support for industrial Internet business. 5G technology can also be deployed to networks inside and outside factories.

5G network slicing: 5G network slicing can support isolation and protection of multiple businesses, multiple quality of service, multiple users and industries.

High frequency + multiple antennas: high frequency + multiple antennas can support accurate positioning and high bandwidth in the manufacturing plant;

URLLC+ (MBB+URLLC) +mMTC: support industrial control, information acquisition and application requirements of advanced human-computer interaction in the factory;

5 g edge calculation: how to effectively ensure data confidentiality, 5 g in use process in the factory, the edge calculation plays a very important role, on the one hand, provide data out of the factory, not less than operators at the core of the network or the public, on the other hand guarantee the physical data is not out of the factory, the data in the local processing including effective low latency, and reduce the pressure on core network. Therefore, the system of computing at the edge of the factory plays a very important role in 5G.

5G technology features and industrial networking needs match

5G has the characteristics of high speed, low latency and large connection, while industrial Internet has the characteristics of diverse connection, differentiated performance and diversified communication. Two important products of 5G for industrial Internet are ultra-low delay network and connection density. Therefore, for 5G, a variety of air port standards and flexible networking requirements are all related changes to adapt to the needs of industrial Internet in the future.

At present, many Chinese manufacturers are actively exploring 5G application scenarios and business models, such as foxconn, which takes the industrial Internet as the core. According to gao qiyang, vice President of foxconn industrial Internet co., the improvement of artificial intelligence technology and 5G network technology will drive the change of the entire circular ecosystem from supply chain end to client end for China's manufacturing industry. It seems that 5G will become the network cornerstone of the future industrial Internet.

According to relevant data, the scale of China's industrial Internet direct industry was about 570 billion yuan in 2017. It is estimated that from 2017 to 2019, the industrial scale will grow at an average annual rate of 18 percent and reach to one trillion yuan by 2020. And the integration of 5G and industrial Internet will inevitably bring the industrial manufacturing industry to an intelligent explosion.



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