5G industrial applications - video entertainment
5G industrial applications - video entertainment
5G industrial applications - video entertainment

The Internet has transformed video from "DVD mode" to "set-top box mode", and the era of 5G network will truly realize multi-screen interaction and stimulate the living room economy. Duan youqiao emphasizes, the 3 big zoology that future domestic sitting room recreation is remote control, cast screen, AI. With the arrival of 5G, smart hardware integrating the three ecosystems will play a greater potential.

Uninterrupted, audio and painting synchronization, smooth, clear, more complete APP, more preferential VIP price, play record synchronization are important elements to enhance multi-screen interaction. Under the AI technology can the strength of the fu, also will bring new life to the TV screen market, including face recognition, behavior recognition, intelligent subtitles, children voiceprint recognition, speech control watching TV, and other functions are effectively increased interaction effect, and through the AI data and algorithm for video content personalization, further deepening the TV screen video scene experience.

In September this year, gehua cable, baidu, iQIYI jointly launched the first AI fusion set-top box "gehua xiaoguo", the first time to achieve the cable television network and the Internet, mobile phone small screen and large screen, remote control and intelligent voice search, television broadcast and Internet video on-demand depth integration. In November, iQIYI once again cooperated with baidu to launch 4K smart set-top box "shu xiaoguo" with sichuan radio and television network. Whether "gehua xiaoguo" or "shu xiaoguo", iQIYI always adheres to the idea of being the best partner of operators for win-win cooperation, and brings users more immersive family entertainment experience. With the arrival of 5G era, the potential of smart hardware devices in smart home interconnection can be released to a greater extent, and multi-screen interaction and integration will be more direct and faster.

The environment is constantly changing, enterprises should always adhere to innovation. "5G and AI will drive the rapid development of intelligent Internet, and the cooperation between Internet companies and network operators is an inevitable trend," said duan youqiao. To be a great entertainment company driven by technological innovation is the corporate vision of iQIYI, and innovation is the biggest value of iQIYI. We will work with various industrial partners to build a new video entertainment ecology.



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