5G industrial application - medical treatment
5G industrial application - medical treatment
5G industrial application - medical treatment

In the future, the medical industry will benefit from 5G's 100% ubiquitous coverage, gbps-level rate, 5ms-30ms-level low delay and the ability to integrate mobility and big data analysis platform, etc. In the near future, everyone will enjoy timely and convenient intelligent medical services. With 5G networks, smart medicine will present multiple application scenarios.

Rapid first aid

The most important prehospital emergency communication system is the emergency network center. It is the contact, coordination, command, dispatch, and communication center of emergency work, so that the hospital emergency and pre-hospital emergency work can be closely combined. Rapid response and unimpeded operation are the basic requirements for emergency communication systems. A system equipped with 5G network will better ensure that hospitals are fully prepared before patients arrive, and even send signals from the sensory equipment to emergency centers, hospitals and doctors at the same time of onset, so as to quickly put patients into rescue. For example, patients with a heart attack can quickly send a distress signal to a nearby hospital via 5G medical internet-of-things sensors, ensuring that doctors can help patients in a short enough time.


The upgrade of 5G communication technology reduces the delay of 50-100 milliseconds to 1-10 milliseconds under 4G conditions, and almost complete synchronization can be achieved. Based on online video and virtual reality technologies, remote diagnosis, remote imaging consultation and remote monitoring can be realized. With more efficient connection and new enhanced mobile broadband data transmission rate brought by 5G, personalized medical care applications and immersive experience can be supported. In the case that "face-to-face medical treatment" cannot be realized, doctors only need to wear VR helmets or glasses to easily overcome the obstacles of time and distance and conduct remote diagnosis and treatment for patients through 3D/UHD video remote presentation or UHD video streaming.

Expert doctors in hospitals can make remote pathological diagnosis, remote medical imaging diagnosis, remote monitoring, remote consultation, remote outpatient service and remote case discussion.

New health management

In medicine, prevention often means more than cure. If 5G has upgraded diagnosis and treatment to a new level, then for prevention, 5G will bring a healthy revolution. With relevant equipment, systems and processes, achieve real-time perception, measurement, capture and transmit patient data information, more data information analysis, summary, calculation, using big data, artificial intelligence, cloud storage technology, such as replacing doctors used artificial screening high-risk groups, lifestyle intervention, regular follow-up and monitoring work, to improve efficiency at the same time also released more medical resources. More importantly, through intelligent perception, we will make a more comprehensive and continuous record and analysis of our health situation, and recommend appropriate health intervention and treatment programs.

Intelligent terminal

The purpose of the functional terminal is to break the limitation of time and space and realize the continuous and accurate detection of disease information. At present, there are many smart terminals for pan-health, such as smart meters, functional bracelets, functional sports shoes, smart blood pressure meters, smart toilets with urine analysis and so on. In the era of 5G, the large-scale medical iot ecosystem will cover millions, and possibly billions, of low-power, low-bitrate connected medical and health monitoring devices, clinical wearable devices and remote sensors. Doctors will then be able to rely on the system to collect patients' medical data on a regular basis and, through a cumulative analysis of various data, improve the accuracy of their diagnosis.

Big data assists diagnosis and treatment

Through terminal equipment to collect information and data, as well as occurring in the process of the diagnosis and treatment of past data, including the basic data of the patients, electronic medical records, medical data, medical image data, economic data, medical equipment and instruments, etc., and timely examination of realizing interactive sharing, thus real-time monitoring the medical situation, and timely solve the problems and ultimately change the entire operation of the medical model.



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